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“This tour was the highlight of my vacation! My husband and myself were both extremely impressed with the quality of the tour and enjoyed the challenges associated with it. Although environment is hazardous by nature, we felt confident with the precautions taken as well as the knowledge and experience of the guide. We will definitely be recommending it to our friends and family.” (Explorer Tour).

“Had one of the best adventures with my kids that we will never forget and will do more of after doing this.” (Family Tour)

“We had a great time and have told lots of people about it! It was great that there are less scary passageways for people who don’t like small spaces but still want to experience caving. Lee mentioned that he would like to check out some different caves next summer and we will contact him next year to hopefully explore some more caves in BC along with him. Thank you for the tour. We loved it!” (Adventure Tour).

"We brought our Pathfinder Girls (ages 13-15) to the caves for a tour. It was fantastic. Orion was a very skillful guide. I wanted to thank him for providing a fantastic and safe, yet very exciting experience for all of us. I will recommend this adventure to everyone." (Geology School Tour)

“Very interesting. I expected a tour a la European or American style, with lights and stairs all the way back. This truly is a unique way to experience caves. I was so excited and feeling uneasy at the same time. Loved it! Will definitely recommend (and warn people). I didn’t think I’d be able to squeeze through some of those rocks. Definitely need to emphasize the importance of good clothing, proper shoes and a helmet. Oh, yes, flashlights, too. Glad that Cody Caves are back in business.” (Family tour).

“The tour was above and beyond my expectations. My kids and I were very glad we went. It was educational and exciting.” (Family Tour)

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