Overnight Adventure Tour
$395 per person + GST
Minimum age - 19


​​Approx. Tour Duration: 36 hours

Approx. Underground time: 5 hours

Min 3, Max 6 Persons per group.


Join us for a night out ! A VERY strenuous 8km snow shoe up the mountain gets you to the cabin via the scenic Loon Lake Road. We set up camp and after a good nights rest we make an early start. After a further 800m snowshoe we arrive at the cave entrance to marvel in the spectacular ice formations - unique each year. After many photo opportunities your Guide will escort you throughout your fascinating journey of this spectacular fragile underworld. 
After an exhilarating day you then retrace your route back down the mountain. What better way to relax after your adventure than to soak in the therapeutic waters at

Ainsworth Hot Springs.   

Winter Wonderland Tours

For the very active and adventurous, we now offer tours into Cody Cave during the winter months. You will need to have a VERY HIGH level of fitness to participate in these tours. Winter access is via a spectacular Helicopter in and snow shoe out OR an exhilarating overnight 18 km round trip snow shoe adventure. Ainsworth Hot Springs is conveniently located on your return for a relaxing soak after your tour.



Helicopter Adventure Tour

Call for availability
Minimum age - 19


​​Approx. Tour Duration: 12 hours

Approx. Underground time: 5 hours

Min 3, Max 8 Persons per group.


Your spectacular helicopter journey over the Selkirk Mountains into Cody Caves provincial park is just the beginning of your adventure. Our professional guide will interpret you throughout this once in a lifetime adventure. After your initial 800m snow shoe we arrive at the cave entrance to marvel in the unique one off ice formations. After many photo opportunities your guide will escort you throughout your fascinating journey of this spectacular fragile underworld.
After an exhilarating snowshoe descent down the mountain what better way to relax after your adventure than to soak in the therapeutic waters at 

Ainsworth Hot Springs .

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Cave Chamber -  Ice Formations